Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Friday, June 8, 2012

       Jay.Keyz first single for the summer of 2012 "Lover Boy" goes on sale June 12th.

Following his debut album release ( Lover's Race ) last year, Jay.Keyz hits the summer with his latest single Lover Boy. His clever use of the banjo and the throwback "rockers" feel of the riddim gives this track a feel good, cruzing the backroads vibe, just in time for summer!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Always Give Your Best - A valuable lesson Hawaii's "Lady of Love" taught me

"Always give your best", We can all agree this is sound advice. We all have all heard this peice of advice at some point and time. As with most great things, the concept is always easier than the actual act. How often during the day do you truly give your best?

One of the best "real life"examples of this philosophy for me was on Maui back in late 1998. I was working for a sound company that handled most of the sound requirements for Loyal Garner. Loyal was dubbed Hawaii's "Lady of Love" for her always heartfelt stage show and her amazing voice. As Wayne Harada once put it "On the Island music scene, Loyal Garner was the essence of love. She preached it, she believed in it, she lived it."

Most of her shows were big events, but this one was set for a family and a few of their close friends. I've forgotten their name but will never forget their party. They were celebrating their anniversary, and the husband set up this whole function. The wife was a huge Loyal Garner fan. She had all her albums and they always tried to book their vacations to Hawaii to coincide with a Loyal show. ( Keep in mind this is all pre Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and smart phone technology, when you had fans booking vactions around your performance schedule, you earned them the hard way.)

The husband set the scene - Loyal hid back stage with a wireless microphone. Her band played a few songs with out her, posing as a regular local band. Then the Husband got up and made a heart felt speech thanking everyone for coming and thanking his wife for all those memorable years. Then he says "Honey, I know you love Loyal, I tried everything to get her here, but she was booked for other shows." He then holds up a picture of Loyal and says "This is the closest thing I could get to the real thing". At that moment the band starts on Loyal's Music and Loyal comes out singing. His wife started crying tears of joy and they danced together that first song that Loyal sang. Amazing!!

What I noticed after Loyal had finished her show was that the 15 or so people in the audience got the same show, anybody would have gotten if it was a huge concert or more prestigious event. They got the best of Loyal. They got her heart. It didn't matter how much she was getting paid, It didn't matter who was there or what the event was. She always gave her best!


Time and time again we read about developing the artist / fan connection as the goal of marketing music today. Creating true fans and building a relationship with them. Loyal did it all with out social media. Funny, even with social media today the expert advice is in tune with what Loyal did instinctively. I guess no matter what new technology there is, the fundamentals always remain relevant.

She may have sang in front of thousands and thousands of people, but what mattered to her, was that she touched every single one of their hearts.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hot Rain - Album set to be released Nov. 8th

Today's Forecast Hot Rain......
Forget your umbrellas bring your dancing shoes

        It's finally here......

 Hot Rain....Hawaii's main stay backing band is finally releasing their long awaited CD, "Self Titled". Available November 8th at popular music stores and on iTunes globally.

Hot Rain best known for being the "go to" band for Fiji and J Boog , has also backed international reggae artist Tanya Stephens, Cas Haley and Junior Reid. They have performed in countries such as American Samoa, Tonga, Australia, New Zealand, and Guam. As well as numerous cities through out the Continental United States.

Make no mistake, this is not just a backing band. "Self Titled" consist of 15 original songs, show casing the bands wide range of musicality, arranging, and song writing skills. Reggae fans around the world would be pleased.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Industry Insider Series #2 - Kelly Boy DeLima

   Welcome to our 2nd installment of our Industry Insider series. We started this series to give all of you insight and access to individuals who we feel has made a significant mark in our music industry, with the intent to help us all grow and excel in the music business. ( If this is your first visit with us, you can check out our interview with Michael Paulo, our first Indusrty Insider guest by clicking Industry Insider Series under categories in the column on the left.)

   This month taking time out of his busy schedule to talk with us awhile is Kelly De Lima. Kelly is the founding member of the band Kapena, with 20 CD's to their credit and over 24 years of experience in the music industry, his insight into the music business is truly a valuable one.

Kelly Boy De Lima

   Kapena first competed in the "Brown Bags to Stardom" contest representing Kaimuki High School....the state wide high school amateur  talent competition. Since then they have come a long way in the music business.

    While their "word of mouth" reputation grew, they moved on to become the house band at the local watering hole, Sparky's lounge. In 1986, Kapena's first album entitled "Satisfaction Gaurenteed" was recorded "live" at Sparky's and earned a nomination by the Hawaii Academy of Recording Arts for the 1987 "Na Hoku" award for "Most Promising Artist"

   In addition to their busy schedule in Hawaii, they have also toured the South Pacific, performing in such countries as: Guam, Saipan, and Palau with sell out crowds at every performance. Kapena's unique blend of South Pacific music is being played in over twenty countries worldwide. They have also toured the mainland U.S.A. in cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Colorado.

    In 1998, Kelly introduced his fans to the next musical generation, his three children. Kapena, Kalena, and Lilo who sing, dance and play multiple instruments. They have played on the Kapena stage in Hawaii and have toured with the band to the Mainland, Japan, and Pacific Islands.

For their complete Bio, Photos, and their full catalog of music visit: www.kapena.com

Interview -

   Afflatus - Kelly, lets start at the beginning. How or when did you first get started in the music business?
   Kelly - I started music in the 8th grade at Kaimuki intermediate. When my hands first touched the ukulele it was LOVE!!!!
   Afflatus - What "bands" have been an inspiration to your music?
  Kelly - Hui Ohana, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, The Makaha Son's, The Cazimero's, and The Element's.

   Afflatus - I once heard you say you never had a regular job aside from music. Is this true?
  Kelly - Yes, I never had a job working for someone else. I've always been self employed, muisc has been a vehicle that has provided for me and my ohana (family) for 25 years now.
   Afflatus - What disciplines do you feel contributed to such a long successful career?
  Kelly - I attribute it first to God, only he can bless you to do what you love for so many years. Hard work, showing up on time is a big one, attitude, and always remembering to smile. Your eye's are the window's to your heart!!!

   Afflatus - How do you keep coming up with new material?
  Kelly - Life events, a new keiki (baby), the lady selling mango's on the side of the highway, a new love or in my case a long lasting love......
   Afflatus - Do you ever find your self running out of musical idea's? How do you get through that?
  Kelly - I think the only excuse you have for running out of idea's, is if your not on this earth anymore.
   Afflatus - What is you take on digital downloads?
  Kelly - If they're paying for it, I have no problem!!!
   Afflatus - When creating music, artists at times may be pressured into making music that those on the business side of things feel targets a certain audience or niche. How much should an artists "give in" or "hold true" to themselves?    
  Kelly - If your truly performing and writing music from your heart, you will feel happy, your vibe will transcend through, and your audience will feel it. Positive good vibes and hope is what this world needs..

   Afflatus - I agree can't go wrong with following your heart.
   Afflatus - Any advice for the up and coming artist that wants to pursue music as a career?
  Kelly - Don't do it because you see a band on stage and you want to be a Star. I mean it's all good to be inspired by it, but remember it takes a lot of hard work and Passion!!! When you have that, people will feel it, and make you a star.
   Afflatus - In closing anything else you want to add?
  Kelly - Spread the love, Music and Aloha all over the world.

   We would like to thank Kelly and the whole De Lima ohana for their continued support of Island Music and the people involved in creating it... Be it musician, engineer, label owner, promoter, or fan, from the back yard to the main stage, from the studios to the radio stations and beyond.  Thank You Kelly!!!!

For more information about Kelly and his band Kapena check out their website at www.kapena.com

To book Kapena all inquires should be directed to:

Thompson and Associates
P.O. Box 6461
Kaneohe, HI 96744

Phone 808-239-4100
Fax 808-239-6612

For non booking inquires, comments, etc. Email Kapena at kapena@kapena.com

   As always please feel free to leave us your comments. If there is a music related topic you would like to see featured in our blog let us know as well.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Six Pillars of a Great Mix

   Almost every type of music you hear today be it Rock, Pop, Reggae, Rap, Country, Dance, and all the rest - although different in style all rely on SIX key things that factor into a great mix.

  •    Balance - The relationship of all the musical elements as it relates to volume. A great mix starts here. It's also important to under stand arrangements. If instruments fit well together in the arrangement side of things, the mixers job becomes a lot easier. The engineer will not have to deal with instruments that fight with another.
  •    Frequency Range - Having all frequencies in the audio spectrum represented properly. Because of a combination of factors in the recording process we sometimes need to extend or reduce the frequency range of a certain track or tracks. The main tool we use is an equalizer. But more than any other tool, the equalizer is perhaps the one that requires a skill that can separate the master engineer apart from an amateur.
  •    Panorama - Placing a particular musical element within the sound field. An often overlooked part of mixing, Panorama or panning sound sources to different parts of the sound field can create excitement by adding movement to the mix. It can also add clarity by moving multiple sound sources away from each other that may be colliding with each other in the mix. Panning can also make the track sound wider, deeper, and bigger.
  • Dimension - The ambient field where the track lives. Dimension can be captured during the recording process but may need to be created in the mixing stage. A common way to add dimension is with the use of effects such as reverbs and delays. Dimension can add excitement, create an aural space, or move a track back in the mix to give the impression it's farther away.
  • Dynamics - Controlling the volume envelope of a track. The manipulation of dynamics plays a major role in the sound. Almost nothing else can effect your mix in so many ways as dynamics can. Common tools to control dynamics and shape sounds are compressors, limiters, de-essors, and gates. Like all other things in the hands of a master the sound can be amazing, but wrongly used it could suck the life of a great mix.
  • Interest - Making the mix interesting and special.Using the other five pillars can give you a good mix, but adding interest to your mix can take it to the next level. Probably the toughest part in the mixing stage is to make it sound emotional, urgent and exciting, so that it's just not a song, it's a record. It coveys a story. Just like a movie, the music must breathe. Having a climax, points of tension and resolve to keep the listener intrigued.
   Now go and play your favorite tracks, of what you feel are great mixes. Try and see if you can point out the use of each one of the pillars. You may find some mixes only have the first four or five, but dynamics and interest have become extremely important as modern music as we listen to it today has evolved.

  For a more detailed explanation a book I often reference is the Mixing Engineers Handbook by Bobby Owsinski. You can find it here: Mixing Engineers Handbook

Till next time....


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Start with nothing and Still make it

   In our quest to acheive our goals and shape the kind of life we want, it's very easy to get side tracked and discouraged. Never worry, many people with humble beginnings have made it through the ups and downs and arrived where they wanted. If you never quit, it will happen for you. Aim high and go for it with everything you got. I like what Les Brown say's. "The problem is not that most people aimed to high and missed, it's that most people aimed too low and hit"

   Don't worry about where you are now or where you come from. All that matters is where you are going. Use the past as a school. Never under estimate the power of hard work, creativity, diligence, and character. All these traits can carry you to your goals. All these traits can be refined now, doing your present work as you pursue your dreams. Here's some examples of starting out at the bottom. Yes, it can be done. Yes, you could do it as well.

   Rod Stewart - used to be a grave digger
   Michael Dell - was a dishwasher before designing the dell computer
   Sean "Diddy" Combs - was a paper boy
   Sylvester Stallone - was a lion cage cleaner
   Brad Pitt - moved refrigerators
   Garth Brooks - sold boots
   Jerry Seinfeld - sold light bulbs by phone
   Gwen Steffani - mopped floors at Dairy Queen
   Mick Jagger - used to sell ice cream
   Snoop Dog - was a bag boy at a grocery store in long beach
   James Brown - shined shoes, washed cars, and racked pool balls at the local pool hall
   Martina McBride - used to travel with the Garth Brooks tour as a T-shirt vendor
   Chubby Checker - was a chicken plucker
   Duke Ellington - sold peanuts at the Senator ball games

   That's just a short list. There are many many more stories of people who started with nothing and achieved everything they wanted. I guess the lesson is " If they could do it, you can do it". Simple concept, but very easily forgotten when the negativity steps in creating doubt. Be strong. You can do it.

   See you at the top......

   Till Next time......