Thursday, March 10, 2011

6 Habbits of the Wealthy

   WORK hard - The self made person works harder and sleeps less than the average person. They are more likely to sacrifice personal time. In most cases they are passionate about their work, and are less likely to see it as a chore.

   PLAN - Being successful is not an accident or just mere luck. It is planned. Every part of their day is planned to some degree. They specifically create the situations they want and go out an achieve it, Step by Step. They don't wander from day to day waiting for things to happen.

   SAVE habitually - Wealthy people certainly have the resources to be crazy spenders, but most are just the opposite. 7 out of 10 say that saving money is an essential financial goal. Never spend more than 70 cents of every dollar you earn. Poor people tend to spend their money and try to save whats left, wealthy people invest their money than spend what's left.

   INVEST - Wealthy people are more likely to invest their money in the stock market or real-estate. They understand the need to take risks in the market. They make their money work as hard as they do.

   ACCOUNTABILITY - Wealthy people hold themselves accountable for their success and their failures. They don't blame outside situations and circumstances. Most are also self educators. They read and seek out the information they need and use it to their benefit.

   GIVE back - They wealthy are grateful.  They show it by giving back to their communities and organizations they believe in. They understand the quality, lifestyle, and power of giving.

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