Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Big" Music Video doesn't mean "Big" budget anymore

   I remember in the late 90's. Puff Daddy was on a speed boat with Notorious B.I.G. being chased by helicopters. The video was almost a mini movie. I think they spent over a million dollars on that video. In those days in order to have a big music video, that's what you needed to compete.

   Thanks to inventions like the iphone and the flip camera, and social media sites like facebook and youtube. Having a "Big" music video doesn't necessarily mean having a big budget. All you need now is an interesting idea and a whole lot of creativity.

   Here's some examples of what can be done using all the resources we have available today. 

  First here's a video shot by our friend Donard Sonoda for our friend Sunway. The whole video was shot in a day using an iphone 4. Yes an iphone 4, not some fancy $25,000 camera.


   Here's another great example of being intresting. A video by the band Hollerado . I think they shot this video in a day with the help of their family and friends.

   Here's the behind the scenes footage...

     Remember today we are no longer limited by our financial resources. The hardest part I think is coming up with an interesting idea that can stand out amongst the thousands and thousands of video's floating around the web. I hope you all were inspired by these examples.

   Let me be clear though, these videos were complicated to put together, but both were done with limited budgets, a whole lotta hard work, and a ton of creativity. If you plan right, get your team together, take things one step at a time,  and invest your creativity into your labor, you could do "Big" things too..

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