Wednesday, March 2, 2011

4 simple questions that can change your life forever

   Driving home today from my visit with my mentor. I popped in an old CD from my favorite business philosopher Jim Rohn . I was reminded of 4 simple questions that can change your life forever. I could never come close to his delivery, but here's my best shot.

  1. Why? Good question why. My kids always ask why, why, why. All of us that are in pursuit of achievement should ask themselves this question. All things are possible if you have a strong enough why. You could move a mountain if your why was big enough.

   2. Why Not? If you live in America or any other country that believes in capitalism, and have average intelligence why not. We have plenty of money, plenty of banks, plenty of schools, plenty of everything, so why not. Why not roll up your sleeves and test your self? You are stuck here till you die, so why not try and see what you could do. We all are blessed with opportunity all around us, so why not.

   3. Why Not You? There was this boy that was born with dyslexia. To earn extra money he would sell matches to the neighbors from his bicycle. He found he could buy them cheap and make a pretty good profit when he sold them. From matches he moved on to selling fish, Christmas decorations, seeds, and later ball-point pens and pencils. When he was 17, his father gave him money as a reward for doing well at school. He used that money to start a furniture business that grew into what we know today as IKEA. His name is Ingvar Kamprad, and today his net worth is around $31 billion dollars. If we had a chance to talk with him today I'm sure he would say, "If I did it, why not you". Why not you? You are just as valuable as he is, why can't you turn your dreams and hard work into reality. Why Not You?

   4. Why Not Now?  What's holding you back from achieving all that you can? Too many times I hear people say "If I only had the money.." or "How did they do that?". I have some idea. They all started now, before they thought they were ready. The "How" is really none of your business. If you start now the how will come. Human beings like to try and plan things out in detail, and when they can't figure a part out they get discouraged. Life doesn't really work that way. If you put yourself out there, the how will reveal it self. If you're going the wrong way, you'll know, then all you gotta do is turn around a go the other way. Don't get stuck on the "how". Focus on the why, why not, why not you and why not now.

   If you like this type of business philosophy you can check out Jim Rohn's web site: you may also like my other favorite "The Motivator" Les Brown :

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