Monday, March 7, 2011

Yip Man reminds me of a fundamental truth

    I recently watched the Raymond Wong film Ip Man (Yip Man), a semi biographical film about Bruce Lee's martial arts teacher, a grandmaster of Wing Chun. In one scene in particular a challenger makes his way into master Ip's house to challenge him. The challenger insist that he wants to see how a martial art that was supposedly developed by a women can be so effective. Master Ip calmly says " sex or age has nothing to do with it, "it" depends on you". After a quick an exciting battle the challenger surrenders and admits his Northern style has lost to Ip's southern one. Master Ip responds "Styles has nothing to do with it, good kung-fu depends on you"
   This particular scene reminds me of a fundamental truth in success in any aspect of your life. For us it's business and music. For others it can be weight loss or a promotion. The most powerful force that attributes to your success is you. Growing up, all thru school I never heard that. I was lucky that in my late twenties I received this timeless advice. " Everything can change for you, If you will change." Which lead me to focus on me.

   Years ago, I was a healthy guy, nice family man, been to school a while, had a decent job, but wasn't going where I wanted. No money in the bank, car note late, creditors calling. If you had asked me why I was in that situation, I would have never blamed myself. I thought the Govt. was to blame. I thought taxes where to high. I thought that's just the way it was for people like me. It never crossed my mind to look inside and hold myself responsible. Out there is the same it's been for a 1000 years, it wasn't going to change. Night follows Day, Day follows night, Winter follows Fall, there is nothing I could do to change that. But I could change myself. I finally realized success was on me.

   All of us are in a little sail boat. All the stuff out there is simply  the wind that blows. What we need to do is learn how to set a better sail. That's the difference between success and failure, setting a better sail to carry you to any destination. In 3 years you will arrive, the question is where? Don't blame the wind, learn to set a better sail. It won't matter what the govt does, you won't care what taxes are if you know how to set a better sail.

   How do you set a better sail? Become a self learner. Build up your personal library. Formal education can make you a living, self education can make you a fortune. Be aware of whats going on around you. Take action, invest your self-education into labor. Soon you will see all the possibilities that are available to you.

   Remember you are the most powerful person in your life, human beings can accomplish anything

   For more on this topic check out Jim Rohn, most of my business philosophy can be credited to him
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